About Us

Pragmatic media
& procurement

Our Mission

Progmatic is a marketing procurement consultancy specializing in pragmatic end-to-end media governance solutions. Our aim is to re-balance the power equation between advertisers’ marketing, procurement and finance organization and the media agencies. We do so by empowering advertisers to take control of their media spend and activities, drive agency accountability for relevant media results and transparency in their dealings resulting and agency acting in the best interest of the client.

We provide a broad range of consultancy services that are tailored to the advertisers’ needs: from the strategic advice on in-housing or best media agency model, through strategic media reviews, to the design and implementation of the robust media governance, reflecting the advertiser’s needs, resources, capabilities and maturity.


Our procurement DNA developed and matured at the world’s top FMCG companies and advertisers is the backbone of strategic and commercial skills. These, combined with extensive media and marketing experience as well as hands-on attitude, allows us to deliver pragmatic and goal-oriented solutions to media and indirect marketing governance.

Our principle is to always act in the best interest of the advertiser, with no business dealings or any benefits from the agencies or media owners. At the same time, we provide a fair, balanced and comprehensive view for the informed and fact-based decision-making. With this, we aim to help (re)build durable, sustainable and mutually beneficial relationships between the advertisers, media vendors and media agencies, despite the existing inherent conflicts of interest in the media industry.

Our experience

Our team’s combined experience covers over 2,5 Bln $ media spend allocated in pitches to over 100 individual client /market agency appointments across multiple industries, such as energy, finance, telecom, retail, media, FMCG, home appliances, consumer electronics, and more.